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  • I am running for re-election to the College Station City Council, Place 3. This is a critical election as our City needs proven leaders with a respect for our past, a vision for our future, experience in working with others to reach desired goals, and common sense in finding solutions that benefit the entire community. Having worked under four City Governments during my career in Leadership positions with Convention and Visitors Bureaus, I am familiar with the challenges a city faces from the inside out.

My vision and my platform for re-election to the College Station City Council, Place 3:

  • Since my very first campaign (when I ran against an incumbent, garnering 43% of the votes), I have been consistent: I will continue to support planned, balanced and sustainable growth in all areas of our city, ensuring that the quality of life for our residents remains a top priority. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, this is even more critical. I will also continue to support our developers/builders/realtors in their efforts to generate positive projects that benefits our city.
  • Now, more than ever, we, as a City Council are going to have to be absolutely diligent in where our money is being spent. We have some hard decisions to make, but we’re also asking our residents and businesses to make hard decisions as well. There is little wiggle room on this subject and I am committed to doing what we need to do to bring ourselves out of this financial crisis together - hopefully sooner rather than later as everything seems to be hinging on COVID-19 and “what’s next?” It’s not going to happen overnight but I’m prepared to ask those questions and make those decisions as we move forward into 2021.
  • I will continue to be a voice for neighborhood integrity for our existing neighborhoods. As our City continues to grow, we cannot leave our older neighborhoods behind...I have been saying that from the “get-go.  As new developments are built, the definition and geography of “older neighborhoods” continues to expand across our city. I think our developers/builders community is doing an excellent job in working with our Economic Development and Planning & Development Departments in creating new business potential for the City of College Station.
  • More and more pressure is being put on Code Enforcement - in fairness to the Department and to our residents, we need to maintain a pro-active ratio so they can address the issues our residents are reporting. With limited resources, those issues cannot be addressed or resolved.
  • We need to ensure that as the City grows, we hire Police Officers and First Responders to keep up with that growth. We cannot spread ourselves so thin that the safety and well-being of our residents and businesses are in jeopardy. And somewhere down the road, the citizens and the City of College Station are going to have to pursue a conversation about Fire Station 7 in the Wellborn area for the safety of our citizens and commercial establishments.
  • I worked in the Hospitality Industry for 30 years. The first ten years were spent with Hilton Hotels and the next 20 years I worked in the Convention & Visitors Bureau industry around the country. As the Experience Bryan/College Station (EBCS) transitions over under Economic Development and the City of College Station, positive communication is going to be crucial.
  • I served in an Executive Capacity with CVB’s in Lubbock, Texas, Corpus Christi, Texas, Denver, Colorado and Palm Springs, California. As a generous portion of our revenue comes from HOT (Hotel Occupancy Taxes), I will be able to provide experienced and balanced insight to the City Council and City Manager’s Office, especially when it’s related to encouraging visitors to College Station and to develop a Regional Marketing Plan. HOT funds are used to promote our city as a destination for visitors, conferences, conventions, family reunion, sporting events....everything that brings visitors to our community to fill our hotels, restaurants, retail stores...even our gas stations.


  • As the City continues to struggle with the effects of the COVID-19 virus and the impact it has had on our businesses, the city has to focus what we need to do to help them get back on their feet.  We also need to focus on creating a business friendly environment that is as seamless as possible and conducive to attracting small and large businesses. 

Public Safety and Infrastructure:

  • Assure the number of Police Officers, Firefighters, First Responders and Fire Stations keep pace with the city’s growth.
  • Work to plan improvements in transportation routes and the development of new transportation infrastructures.  As the City of College Station continues to grow, it is imperative that our current roads be maintained to support the increased amount of traffic.
Looking to the Future:

The priority has to be helping our businesses get back on their feet.  I feel we need to start having some very serious discussions with our them to see what can we do, both for short term and long term.  We have to be realistic, of course, but I would start with workshops, opening up the lines of communication.  We don't have the luxury of time to wait much longer.

Work to keep College Station a great place to live for our residents by supporting the Arts, Cultural events, Parks and Recreation for ALL our citizens to enhance the quality of life our city promotes and we enjoy.  With the impact COVID-19 has had on many of our programs and facilities, it's more important than ever that as we safely can, we have to get back on track serving our residents as quickly as we can.


Susatainable Growth

As our community experiences phenomenal growth, I will use my training and experience to effectively liaison with building teams and the city council. 

Committee to Elect Linda Harvell: Ben White, Treasurer
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